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CD "Gratitude" Words of the wise 2

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Découvrez 10 stances du chant de l'Eternité en langue Anglaise version country

MP3- 36 minutes

Lou Betsie : Vocals
Jivelan : Vocals, 

ed° Hohwald Recording Studio

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"Words of the Wise 2” is the second music album adapted from the book « The song of Eternity » written by Selim Aissel. This album is a tribute to this wise man, who has left our world during this year 2020. So, it is not surprising when the chosen title is « GRATITUDE ». 
« The song of Eternity » is a collection of verses describing, in poetic form, the greatest human qualities.
This CD gives a version of 10 verses, and tells us about Gratitude, Forgiveness, Generosity, Beauty, Joy& Friendship, Courage, …
Each verse is addressed to everyone who wants to have a better understanding of these human qualities, and of how to put them into practice, to improve their relationship with themselves, other people, and the world.

Lou Betsie : Vocals
Jivelan : Vocals, Harmonica, Composition
Hisham : Electric Guitar (song 09)
Gyseh : Recording, Vocals Harmonisation
Van Essen : Guitar, Bass, Drums & all

01. Gratitude 3’42
02. Forgiveness 4’03
03. Generosity 4’27
04. Courage 3’38
05. Joy and Friendship 3’33
06. Be content with little 3’43
07. Amass a treasure 2’53
08. Beauty 2’46
09. Freedom 3’40
10. Love the Wise 3’14

Auteur : Selim Aïssel

Durée36 minutes
CompositeurSeekers of the Rose
InterprèteSeekers of the Rose
AuteurIdris lahore
ÉditeurHohwald Recording Studio
CollectionMusiques et spectacles