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MP3 "Words of the wise", Seekers of the Rose

10 stances du chant de l'Eternité en langue Anglaise version country

MP3- 37 minutes

Lou Betsie : Vocals
Jivelan : Vocals, 


ed° Hohwald Recording Studio

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"Words of the wise" is adapted from the book « The song of Eternity » written by Selim Aissel, which is a collection of 100 verses describing, in poetic form, the greatest human qualities.
The CD contains 10 verses, and tells us about love, joy, friendship, wisdom, compassion, respect, courage, simplicity, benevolence...

Each verse is addressed to everyone who wants to have a better understanding of these qualities, and of how to put them into practice to improve their relationship with themselves, other people, and the world.

01. Choose your friends 4’15
02. Words of the wise 3’37
03. See the best in people 3’07
04. The memory of eternity 3’34
05. My own breath 3’04
06. Never harm anyone 3’27
07. Love the simple life 3’27
08. The past and the future 3’19
09. Healing 4’00
10. Respect 5’10 

Auteur : Selim Aïssel

Extraits audio
TypeTéléchargement MP3
Durée37 minutes
CompositeurSeekers of the Rose
InterprèteSeekers of the Rose
AuteurIdris lahore
ÉditeurHohwald Recording Studio
CollectionMusiques et spectacles